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meditation classes

Meditation is the process of turning your attention inward with one-pointed focus, bringing about a sense of peace and self acceptance.

We know starting a meditation practice can be intimidating, and living in a fast-paced world can make it even harder. But finding the time to meditate regularly isn't as difficult as you might think, and we make it as easy as possible. 

Our events are suitable for everyone and are ideal for those wanting to learn more about meditation.

Invite stillness into your mind and body with an immersive evening of Reiki, Meditation and Sound at this beautiful space.

Expect an evening for the senses as you experience sound, vibrations and blended aromas to encourage you quieten the mind and still the body with gentle touch applied to your head, shoulders, hands or feet.

Eye and Dunsden Hall,


Friday 6th December 2019
Payment in advance only


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