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one-to-one meditation

If you are new to meditation and are uncertain about a group class environment a one-to-one session will help you learn techniques and ask questions in confidence without worrying about anyone else present. One-to-one meditation allows the sessions to be tailored to you and your particular circumstances, issues and questions. It is a much more personal experience and the sessions are arranged at mutually convenient times rather than at a set time like our classes.

One-to-one sessions will take place at our clinic room in Berkshire. 

1 hour


One-to-one guided meditation can help with a variety of issues, from being able to de-stress and regain some calm and equanimity, to helping you regain control of your emotions and your life.

I'll help to clarify what meditation is, what the challenges are, and how to overcome them to boost the uplifting, and potentially life changing, benefits and taking you through meditation techniques, relaxation methods and visualisation methods. I will also advise on practical steps to take in daily life that will directly support an enriching meditation practice that you can take away and do any time, on your own - giving you control in your life, when you need it.

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