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Restaurant Review: Barcelona's Flax & Kale

Two of my most favourite things in life are eating and travelling.

I love knowing what goes in my food which can make it tricky when eating out. I've spent many a time scouring menus and realising there is nothing there that is okay for me!

Whilst on a recent trip to Barcelona, I popped out of my hotel room, took a two minute walk and suddenly realised how much my body was craving healthy food. I could almost hear it screaming out for some nourishment. My heart saddened as I realised I had no idea where to go.

Now sit tight, because this story is like a fairytale. In my time of need, it's as if the universe answered all my prayers. I spotted a dark building, with just two words above it:


It was a dream come true. Tears flowed from my eyes as I fell to the floor crying out in joy.

Okay maybe not, but I may have done a little happy dance.

I stepped inside and first thing that greeted me was a colourful array of juices and natural smoothies. All organic and cold pressed so all those gorgeous nutrients are preserved!

I suddenly knew everything was going to be okay.

The architecture and decor in the restaurant give it a unique charm - they have restored beautiful details of the original building whilst giving it a modern twist. The big open space and rustic charm make it a must visit for the building alone. The whole space really reminded me of New York and that's probably another reason why I fell in love with this place!

Flax&Kale is a flexitarian restaurant, so this means 80% of their menu is plant-based and the other 20% is healthy fish choices.

There's an amazing choice for breakfast, lunch or dinner. Everything here is organic and super fresh, which is extra refreshing when travelling. You can tell that they really care about ingredients, freshness and presentation.

I sampled lots of food on the menu (may have been there about six times in the four days I was there...) and I can honestly say, it was all so amazing. Whether you're a vegan, vegetarian, celiac or anything else, there's so many options available. The menu explains it all and even tells you what health benefits certain ingredients they use in their dishes are good for.

If healthy food scares the hell out of you then go here as I promise you that once you've sampled anything from their menu, you'll realise just how good it can be!

My top recommendations...

Watermelon salad, tuna wasabi burger, heart shaped ravioli, avocado toast and slow cooked salmon.

Mouth full of healthy food = pure happiness!

So would I recommend it?

Yes yes yes! If you ever find yourself wandering the streets of Barcelona, desperate for a healthy pick-me-up after all that Spanish tapas then head on over to Flax&Kale. I promise it won't disappoint.

Eat better, be happier, live longer.

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