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Frozen Yoghurt Berry Bites

Say hello to your new favourite Summer snack! The sun is shining here at the moment and I am constantly on a mission to create new healthy snacks that all the family can munch on. These frozen yoghurt fruit sensations are melt-in-your-mouth (literally!) and chances are you'll have all the ingredients you need already at home. All you'll need for this easy recipe is yoghurt, fruit and a freezer! You can use either fresh or frozen fruit and you can also swap in the yoghurt for a dairy-free version (coconut yoghurt would be delicious!)

They're a perfect way to get little ones to eat more fruit and they're so easy to make that even little hands can get involved in making them! Plus you can swap in the fruit for all different types and even line the moulds with granola, coconut or nuts! Create a whole rainbow of colours and experiment with flavours to keep little monsters entertained this summer holiday.


8 raspberries (any other kind of berry works!)

Half ripe banana

130g of natural yoghurt (feel free to use any other kind of yoghurt or kefir with a teaspoon of honey)


(You will need 12 mini silicone cake cases)

Puree the raspberries and the banana together and set aside.

Fill each cake case halfway with yoghurt and then place a spoonful of the puree on top of the yoghurt, making sure the yoghurt place a spoonful of puree on top of the yoghurt, making sure the yoghurt isn't showing.

Place a blob of yoghurt on top and then add a piece of raspberry on top of this to finish (Other toppings that could work are chocolate chips, coconut pieces etc)

Place in the freezer for at least 2 hours

To serve - remove from the freezer 10 mins before serving

What's great about these fruity bites is that it's so easy to make up big batches of these to keep in the freezer and put them into resealable plastic bags so you can grab them when someone is desperate for a quick snack to satisfy a sweet tooth!

Who needs shop bought ice cream full of all those nasties! Give these little frozen yoghurt bites a try - just 5 minutes to make and so good for your body! This healthy and refreshing dessert is perfect for those long hot summer days.

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