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nutrition & health coaching


Book in for a session

Once you have booked your first session you will be sent an online questionnaire and three day food diary. These need to be completed and sent to us at least three days before your first consultation.


  This provides information relating to any symptoms, medical history, medications and current diet. 


This details all of your food and drink intake to help understand your dietary choices and eating habits.

This information helps us design a personalised health  plan that addresses your health concerns but also includes, whenever possible, your favourite foods.

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have your first session

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In your first session Emily will discuss your current health symptoms, full health history, any symptoms and food and lifestyle. This in-depth individual analysis, together with the use of extensive nutrition science and previous questionnaire information enables create a personalised health programme. ​We ensure any proposed diet and lifestyle changes are realistic and achievable.

If appropriate, we may also refer you on to another member of the team, recommend supplements and/or laboratory tests (additional cost).


Sessions are relaxed, friendly and informal and most importantly, we listen to you.



We will evaluate individual needs and use extensive, evidence-based science to develop a personalised health programme which you will receive within a few days after the first sessions.

Everything will be tailored to you and you will receive exclusive additional information resources, just for you.

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Check in 

Follow-up sessions are important in order to monitor progress, keep you on the right track to stay motivated and make any necessary adjustments.

What is great about online sessions is that you can check in to say hello and let us know how you're getting on from anywhere in the world.

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stay connected

Keep in touch and let us know how your health journey is going. We love to hear from clients and find out how they are getting on. Community is really important to us here at Om Nom Health. 

You can join our Facebook group, sign up to our newsletter, watch our videos or maybe we'll see you at one of our live events soon!

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Clinic opening times

Appointments are available throughout the week and I also offer early morning, evening and weekend appointments on request.


Supplements and functional testing*

In certain cases, supplementation is recommended. I may also recommend functional diagnostic testing to be carried out in order to enable a more targeted and individualised nutrition plan to be devised. Tests may include: Hormone profiles, allergy and food intolerance tests, digestive and gut function analysis, nutritional status testing.

*Supplements and tests are not included in our prices. 


At least 24 hours notice must be given for cancellations. Cancellations within 24 hours or non-attendance are charged at 50% of the above rates.


Short email correspondences can help to keep you on track and I offer reasonable email support inbetween appointments.


Our prices reflect the preparation time prior to the initial consultation and in-between consultations on researching the most effective way to support your health according to your individual circumstances. 

Please note: I do not offer medical advice nor is my work a substitute for medical care. In the interests of your safety, you will be required to agree to my Terms and Conditions.

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