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My work with Emily has encouraged me to see my eating and health in a new light. I now think really carefully about what I put into my body. As a result of my work with Emily I have lost weight, had increased energy, my skin is better and my digestive symptoms have disappeared! I didn’t know I could lose weight like this and feel so much better. I have managed to do this by looking at what I eat and understanding its impact. I am now much more in tune with my body and I can sense when I eat things that aren’t good for me. Emily's approach was both gentle (in that she did not hit me with the full impact of what I was undertaking on the first day) and firm (in that she made it clear that I needed to stick to the rules and learn to cook if I was ever going to help myself). I feel I have been on a life changing journey. Looking back I would not have started it and could not have undertaken it without the expert guidance of Emily. Thank you so much Emily - you have honestly changed my life.

Emily is one of a kind. I have seen a lot of doctors and nutritionists in my time, and never have I had such an immediate turn around and healing of my body after just one appointment. She is so thorough in all that she does, and strives to understand the depth and complexity of each case. I can’t recommend her enough for her professionalism, friendliness and being so genuine. So impressed with the results I have seen already. Thank you so much Emily for all your support over the months - I feel like a new woman!

Emily has given me more advice on how to look after my tummy than 14 years of going back and forth to the GP. Some simple changes she has suggested have made a surprising difference and not only do I feel heaps better after only a month, but I also feel more confident in managing things going forward. She is super lovely, warm and understanding helping me to trust her advice. She also went above and beyond my expectations, not only with my individualised plan but answering my questions between appointments, giving me recipe ideas and even advice on improvements to my wellbeing beyond nutrition. I'm so glad I found Emily to help me, I thought I was doomed with a bad tummy forever! Thank you Emily, you really are very special.

I spent such a large part of my life living with debilitating stomach problems. Going back and forth to my doctor, I felt almost ready to give up. My last hope was to see a Nutritionist. I was already eating well and living a healthy lifestyle so was interested to see what Emily could offer. After our first meeting, it felt like the first time someone had ever properly listened to me, understood and actually cared about my health. She was there when I needed encouragement and she helped me work through the plan every step of the way. She also really understood when I had setbacks and motivated me to carry on. I feel like a completely different person and like I finally have my life back! After years of being told I just have to live with my health problems, I know now that it's just not true. Thank you so much Emily for giving me my life back!

I sought Emily for help with my chronic allergies and thyroid issues. It only took 6 weeks for me to feel considerably better after struggling for years and I didn't feel like I had to make many changes to my diet and lifestyle. Emily is insightful and has a wealth of information and resources at her fingertips not just about diet but well being as well. I love her flexible approach to nutrition and wellness and the amazing recipes she gave me. Everything she suggested is very achievable. Thank you Emily

We are a Vegan and Eco-friendly nursery and childcare setting for children 3months to 11years old. As part of our on going dedication to providing an excellent service for our parents and children we very much wanted to work with Emily. She has provided an outstanding service for us and has been through all of our current menus and made big changes for the better and everything now meets nutritional standards. So so happy. know quite a few managers and providers in my area and will be highly recommending her service . Thank you Emily we hope to work with you again soon. Jenny, Manager of Little Poppets Childcare 

Extremely helpful and professional service. Very detailed information both easy to follow and practical to implement. Can’t recommend highly enough. Hugely knowledgeable and very friendly!!!

Emily gave me practical and very helpful advice to help me make long lasting changes to my diet and lifestyle. She covered absolutely every base and was extremely thorough and professional. I recommend her services to everyone!! 

Emily taught me so much about food, nutrition, and how it can be used as a fuel for healthy living. I stopped getting cold sores, I have so much more energy and I continue to feel better and healthier every day! I honestly cannot praise her enough. Really worth the investment to be a happier you!

I started working with Emily to lose weight and feel better physically.  I've lost the weight I wanted to and feel SO much more energetic. I can go to my Zumba classes and get through a whole class without having to stop. Emily is super passionate about helping people reach their goals and understand the changes she recommends. No nonsense and I didn't have to give up food I like! I just made a few changes. No quick fixes, but lifestyle changes I can live with. Thank you for all this new energy!

Emily did an amazing job of understanding the way I work, what I needed and helped change my way of thinking. She was a great listener and really easy to open up to (extremely approachable). She's made a huge difference to my health. I am able to get through the day without having to rely on Gaviscon or antacids. My digestion has never been so good and I can't explain what a difference it has made to my life overall. 

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