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Chocolate Nut Butter Cups

My friends, may I introduce you to heaven.

These are good. Dangerously good some might say.

No bake, no fuss and no time at all till they're in your belly!

I'd definitely recommend quality ingredients for this as it will make a big difference to the taste. Feel free to use almond butter with these if you don't fancy peanut butter and if you want a nut-free version then opt for sunflower butter - still just as yummy.

All you gotta do is start with a layer of melted chocolate in a cake tin or mould, freeze for a bit, then pop on a layer of nut butter butter and then pour on some more chocolate on top and freeze again. Then you hide in a corner, tell no one you've made them and you eat them all.

Now normally these would look perfectly formed like little chocolate cupcakes and not like I've stuck a big lump on top but sometimes we forget we're melting chocolate. Sometimes we find a hilarious cat vide on Youtube and we end up burning the chocolate. Did this happen to me? Yes, yes it did.

Moving swiftly on...

Have you ever tried Reese's cup? Darn it, they're delicious. But holy moly, they're bad. Packed with fat, processed milk, refined sugar, and the nastiest of chemical preservatives. So here is a healthier and mouth-wateringly good version where you know exactly what is in them! I insist you try these out.

Warning: highly addictive and might cause random squeals of excitement.


200g chocolate (milk or dark works!) or go for the same amount of vegan chocolate chips

150g peanut Butter

2 tbsps unsweetened cocoa powder

4 tbsps coconut oil

2 tbsps maple syrup (or alternative)

1 tsp vanilla extract

Pinch of sea salt


First up, melt the chocolate. Get a saucepan with boiling water and place a bowl on top (make sure the bowl doesn't touch the water!). Add the chocolate and cocoa powder to the bowl and heat on a medium heat. Make sure you stir and then add 3 tbsps of the coconut oil and 1 tbsp maple syrup. Once it's all melted, turn off the heat and leave in the bowl to keep warm.

In a separate bowl, mix the rest of the coconut oil, maple syrup and peanut butter together. Mix well (you'll need a strong hand for this one!)

Line a baking tray with cupcake liners and scoop in a little melted chocolate into each case and make sure it's enough to cover the bottom of each one. Put in the freezer for around 2 mins to set. Then add a little scoop of peanut butter flatten it down. Then pour melted chocolate over the top to cover and put in the freezer for around 15 mins. Then serve.

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