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BBQ Jackfruit Salad Recipe


If you've never heard of it then this is going to change your life. It's one of my favourite discoveries of all time.

It comes from a tree that produces the largest tree-borne fruit of any plant. I'm talking seriously LARGE. It's so versatile and you can use it in vegan pulled pork buns, in curries, on top of pizzas, in sandwiches, in burritos... The list goes on.

Nutritionally, it's full of fibre, Vitamin C, B6, potassium, calcium, iron and the seeds are high in protein.

Today's recipe is for a crunchy salad with BBQ jackfruit and roasted cashews. It's rather spectacular if I do say so myself.


For the BBQ jackfruit

2 cans young green jackfruit in water (rinse and drain before use)

1 cup BBQ sauce (Easy to make yourself and there's a great recipe for it here)

1 onion, diced

1 tsp coconut oil

2 cloves garlic, minced

2 tbsp molasses

1 tsp paprika

1 tsp garlic powder

1/2 tsp salt

1/2 tsp chilli powder

1/2 tsp liquid smoke (optional)

For the salad

2 cups shredded cabbage, carrots, lettuce etc. You can choose whatever you want!

1/2 avocado

1 tbsp pomegranate molasses (or maple syrup)

1 lemon juiced

1/4 cup roasted cashews


- Heat the coconut oil in a pan on a medium heat and once it has melted, add the onion and garlic. Add the spices, molasses and garlic and heat for around 5 minutes.

- Then add the jackfruit and 3/4 of the BBQ sauce in and mix together. Cook for around 15-20 minutes.

- Once the jackfruit is starting to soften, shred the jackfruit with two forks.

- Cook for another 10 minutes.

- Toss together the salad ingredients in a bowl and place the jackfruit mixture on top, along with the remaining BBQ sauce.




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