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Kale, Mint & Pea Spread Recipe

This recipe makes an ideal side, dip or a topping for a savoury breakfast! It's packed with flavour and good-for-you ingredients.

With health-boosting vitamins and minerals in there that include folate and Vitamins A, C and Vitamin K from the kale and the anti-viral and anti-inflammatory properties of garlic, this spread is definitely worth making! It might only have a few ingredients in there but those ingredients sure do pack a nutritional punch.

This recipe is one of my favourites as it is simple, healthy and won't take any longer than five minutes with just a quick whizz up of the ingredients in a blender.


- 300g frozen peas

- 300g chopped kale

- 1 crushed garlic clove

- 2 tbsp olive oil

- Salt, pepper and pinch of smoked paprika

Blend all ingredients up and get those vegetable sticks out ready to dip!

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